the dog of your dream is here

Following the success of the sale of our protection dogs around the world ( Laurent Botiuk had the crazy idea to add one more rope to his bow 2 years ago, and offer a service extra for the brand Dream dog. The principle is that of EDPI but this time only for pet dogs!


This goes from the purebred dog to the crusader! The goal is to simply find the dog that suits you perfectly and tailor it. This service is supervised by Mr. Botiuk, in person no matter where you live.



Why choose an educated young adult?


First, there are a lot of young adult dogs looking for a new home. Secondly, it is often difficult for the teacher to raise a puppy and to teach him properly socialization, loneliness, cleanliness, etc. often for lack of time, but also because it is very complicated to know the personality and the final character a puppy!


This is often a game of poker! Many people end up with a dog that does not match the expectations of its masters. Here is an example : You are a calm master and the dog has become a "formula 1", or vice versa! Characters like us between humans do not always "stick". And despite the training, the personality of the dog, will not change. They are living beings with their own characters and sensitivities. T


The dog is unfortunately then placed in a shelter or with a new family that may still not be and this is a trauma and stress for families, but especially for the dog!

Acquiring a dog is a real life project! Mr. Laurent Botiuk is there to advise you, after having met you on the future place of life of the dog and to have discussed with you on the race, the sex, etc ...


Shredded sofas, chewed shoes, it's over!

The salons full of pee, it's over!

The stress of a poorly educated dog is over!

& the protected house becomes a reality!




* This service is a premium service from Dream Dog Everything is tailor-made we do not have a dog for sale in advance.


And concretely, how is it? In 4 steps!


  • Step 1 :


First appointment report, Mr. Laurent Botiuk comes to your place. Identification of customer demand with highest precision The degree of energy of the dog, the breed, the environment, the needs of the client will be examined Cohabitation of the living environment, children, other animals An ultra-precise specification will then be made by Mr. Laurent Botiuk


  • 2nd step :


We are looking for your future best friend Thanks to his network of national and international experts, Mr. Laurent Botiuk will look for your dog This step may take several weeks, but it is crucial for your future. Of course, once the dog is found, we submit a validation, before starting any step.

  • Step 3 :


We train your dog in our Paris center. Whether walking, recall, waiting in front of shops, in the office or outside, the specifications will be respected to the letter.


  • Step 4 :


We deliver it to you. Yes, at home! This is the last step, during which we make our point of honor through our sense of detail: We deliver your dog directly to your home. And we stay there for two days minimum, the time to also train you as to the arrival of your new companion and adapt the new duo for a life filled with joy! Total satisfaction assured!


Since the launch of this service in 2016, more than 20 masters have found their dream dog. And dogs, a happy and loving family in which to flourish at best! Know that we favor quality, quantity. Our goal is not, and will never be, to be an "educated dog factory" on the contrary. We make the choice to do well, for the quality of life of the masters, and especially for the happiness of the dog. It is this strength, respect and love of the dog that sets us apart from others for 15 years.


You are unique, your dog will be unique too!


Price on estimate Prices include the purchase, dog training, delivery, your training during his adaptation at home.

From 5 kg to 80 kg