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To better understand the behavior of your dog, a specialized canine educator visits your home to observe your companion in his daily environment.


Once the problem is identified, our professional offers you concrete answers adapted to the personality of your pet. During this meeting, you can take the opportunity to ask any questions you want to our educator.


At your service, he will respond as simply as possible. He will carry out the installation of your dog in your home, while correcting his bad habits: Jump on people Uncleanliness, food, etc ... Our canine educator will adopt the most appropriate method for your dog's behavior. Finally, find the right formula to effectively and sustainably educate your pet!



The duration is from 1h to 1h30 to your home without commitment. The expert who travels to your home has been selected because he knows the breed of your pet. A single appointment is enough to find a balance in your home between you and your dog.



* For any subscription to one of our 7 educational formulas this sum will be deducted from your package.

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