Dream Dog : The brand that your dog loves !

Created 15 years ago by Mr. Botiuk, an internationally renowned canine trainer, Dream Dog is a team of carefully selected and professionally trained experts. We work live, and our canine behavioural educators master and practice many methods of training, always in the respect of the animal, without blows and cries!


Our knowledge of different breeds of dogs and their specificities allows our experts to guarantee a concrete result. We welcome you to different sites and have at your disposal a dedicated call standard, ensuring excellent monitoring and immediate responsiveness.


A true forerunner of dog service, Dream Dog offers you and your companion many high quality services thanks to the know-how and professionalism of hand-picked behavioural educators. Everything is done to welcome your companion, as a true member of our family.


Without ready answers because each dog is unique, we offer a real diagnosis to develop situations in concrete situations, whether your dog is aggressive or not, for results guaranteed and insured without violence.

Our personalized education formulas

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With a set of specifications made with you upstream, we will educate your dog according to all your wishes!

Perfect dog !

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Are you going on vacation? And you do not trust anyone? It's normal ! With you it's high-end meals, agility and wood rides every day!

5* holidays !


You want the dog of your dreams, the one that obeys your finger and eye, no matter the circumstances! With speech or with gestures? Here everything is tailor-made!

Custom dog

A transformed daily

A day totally dedicated to the education of your dog, to learn with a canine educator how to change your daily life!​


Socialization thoroughly!

Want to learn good manners to your dog in society? This course is for you, the emphasis is on socialization for an unquestionable obedience


From the right leg

You've just adopted a puppy and you want to get on the right track with him by teaching him the right behaviors and basics of obedience? It's this way !

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